Pastoral Leaders


杨牧师在1997年⼀个北京家庭教会听到福⾳。第⼆年被 主恩唤醒,认罪悔改,受洗归入基督。同年,和余艳萍结 婚,⼀起在教会成⻓并服侍。2013年,杨涛牧师顺服神的呼 召,携妻⼦及⼉⼦来美国,在弗吉尼亚⾃由⼤学(Liberty University)主修⾳乐创作,获⾳乐学⼠学位,后⼜接受神 学装备,获道学硕⼠学位。在⾃由⼤学学习期间,他在托⻢ 斯路浸信会(Tomas Road Baptist Church )创立中⽂团契, 服侍当地华⼈学⽣及家庭,2020被教会按立为牧师。同年在 纽约胜利华⼈浸信会担任牧师。 2022年秋季,神呼召杨涛牧师在亚特兰⼤华⼈浸信会担任牧 师。⽬前,他正在美南浸信会神学院进修教牧学博⼠,主修 应⽤神学。⼉⼦ Nathan,现在家接受教育。

“⽣活的⽬的不是为了避免痛苦,⽽是要活在基督⾥; ⽣命的最⾼价值不是实现⾃我,⽽是在于服侍基督。”          – 牧师劝勉 

In 1997, pastor Job Tao Yang heard the gospel from an underground church in Beijing where his soul was awakened by the mercy of God. In 1998, he repented and received Jesus Christ as his savior. The same year, pastor Yang and Rebekah married, and they both follow Christ and serve in the church until 2012 in Beijing. In 2013, pastor Yang has been called by God to receive full-time training in music and theology from Liberty University where he received B.S in Music and Master of Divinity. When he was studying at Liberty University, he established Chinese Life Group at Tomas Road Baptist Church to serve Chinese students and local families. In 2020, he was ordained by TRBC and started pastoral ministry at Victory Baptist Chinese Church of Rochester. Fall of 2022, God called pastor Yang to serve in Atlanta Baptist Chinese Church as a teaching pastor. Pastor Yang is currently completing a Doctor of Ministry from Southern Baptist Theology Seminary and major in Applied Theology. His son, Nathan, is homeschooling.

“The purpose of life is not to avoid suffering but to live in Jesus Christ, and the highest meaning of life is not to fulfill self-success but to serve Him.”                                   – Pastor Job Tao Yang  

Pastor Xander Bradley

Pastor Xander joined ABCC in 2019 after graduating from Truett McConnell University. He lives in Cleveland, GA with his wife Hannah, and two children, Emma and Owen.  He felt called to the ministry in his teenage years and pursued degrees in Student Ministry and Theology.  His desire is to help students build a firm foundation in their relationship with Christ so they can withstand all of the attacks of the enemy.  Click here to contact Pastor Xander.

牧师 (李伟凯) 于2019年在 Truett McConnell University 毕业后,加入本教会事奉, 他和妻子Hannah及两位子女Emma Owen现居于Cleveland GA他于青少年时蒙恩,获得学生事工与神学学位。 李牧师渴求帮助年青人,积极教导圣经真理,建造更深与基督相连的生命,激发热爱神的心,将基督福音传开, 使人归主。